Institutional Services

Your business under the protective shield
of a fully-regulated & listed Swiss Bank

We protect you and your clients and eliminate any challenges associated with trading the crypto markets. Swissquote have the necessary tools and follow a severe security policy to mitigate your risk.

Ultra-fast trading
Institutional APIs to benefit from our deep liquidity in the main crypto-asset markets

Advanced security
Military-grade approach and robust institutional processes for full protection

Crypto-asset custody
Operational processes and private key security to give you peace of mind

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In addition to advanced security guidelines, it is our top priority to meet the sophisticated needs of your business. With our broad spectrum of crypto trading services, we aim to suit all types of institutions.

Institutional-grade trading through API’s
(FIX and Websocket)

OTC Trading


Access to a further 3 million trading products on the Swissquote platform

Our clients demand fast, trusted and robust solutions

Joining the crypto market requires to keep pace with a fast-moving environment and needs therefore the right conditions.

Our robust technical infrastructure, high security and strict compliance process is perfectly suitable for:

Crypto Funds

High Frequency Traders (HFT)

Small and medium-sized banks

Hedge Funds

Asset Managers

Family offices

High-net-worth individuals (HNWI)



Swissquote has developed an industry-leading, institutional-grade approach to security. Thanks to layers of hardware and software security combined with operational policies developed over years of working in a highly-regulated environment, we are able to eliminate single points of failure and protect digital assets against attacks.

Our pillars of security:

Physical security audited by a big 4 firm with all keys securely stored within a FIPS140-2 Level 3 HSM solution

Geographic distribution for further security enhancement – required signing keys are physically distributed across vaults in different locations

Direct custodianship of your assets to make sure that the same digital asset is not being claimed by or allocated to multiple parties

Strong compliance, satisfying all regulatory custody requirements established by FINMA



Swissquote Bank is a qualified custodian regulated by FINMA and is the crypto-asset custodian for WisdomTree and other institutional clients. We use multiple technological and cryptographical solutions to ensure the security of asset storage and transmission.

Our institutional crypto-asset custody setup:

User Access 2 & 3-Factor Authentication and separation of duties for enhanced security

Multi-approval security (M-of-N approvers)

Customized wallet setup for your clients' requirements including rigorous security processes and pre-authorised whitelisted address

Physical security audited by a big 4 firm, and Fips140-2 level 3 HSM’s.

Geographic Distribution for enhanced key management

Direct Custodianship of your assets

Strong compliance and reporting processes – we have experienced crypto asset Compliance and Legal teams



The onboarding of new institutional clients involves a strict due diligence process, to ensure that all parties involved in securing assets follow industry best practices as well as regulatory and internally-mandated policies.

Know-your-customer and anti-money laundering checks

 Use of blockchain analysis software dedicated for anti-money laundering purposes

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