What is the Onboarding API?

Swissquote’s Onboarding Application Programming Interface (API) allows wealth managers to open accounts for private and institutional clients, without having to go through a user interface.

What are the advantages of the Onboarding API?

Wealth managers can take advantage of leading technology to connect their software directly to Swissquote’s secure environment.

Faster and easier account opening

Possible integration with third-party software

Fast data syncing and exchange with Swissquote

Who is the Onboarding API for?

The Onboarding API is designed for wealth managers or wealth management companies that wish to connect their own software to Swissquote in order to open client accounts.

How can I get the Onboarding API?

To receive the token to access the API, wealth managers must have already opened a Swissquote account. They can then configure their software to access Swissquote’s Onboarding API.

To open an account, requests can be made via e-mail or telephone by contacting our institutional offices in Gland (+41 58 721 90 35) or Zurich (+41 44 825 89 91). Our employees are available to assist you with any questions you may have.



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