An investment and saving solution with Swiss security, attractive return opportunities and tax relief for your 3a pillar plan.

Key advantages

Attractive interest rate
Benefit from an interest rate of 1.2% with our Saving Strategy, ensuring stable growth

Low fees, high benefit potential
Tap into our investment options with a competitive fee of just 0.60%

Proven predefined strategies
Choose among our robust strategies classified as "sustainable" and thoughtfully designed by experts


Choose according to your needs

Choose the predefined strategy that best matches your aspirations. On the one hand, a Saving Strategy designed to provide a constant return; on the other, several investment strategies intended to generate significant potential returns.

Calculate your potential return

Take a look at our various options and quickly find out what returns you can expect using the strategies carefully devised by our experts.

Transparent and accessible pricing

Enjoy low fees and optimise your returns.


3a Saving Strategy

Management fees

Minimum deposit amount

Interest rate

No fees

CHF 100


*The interest rate is based on the Saron benchmark rate, which means that fluctuations in this rate will have a direct impact on the interest rate applied.


3a Balanced Strategy, 3a Dynamic Strategy, 3a Ambitious Strategy

Management fees

Minimum deposit amount

Minimum reinvestment


CHF 100

CHF 100

Your 3a Easy in just 3 steps


Open your account and activate 3a Easy.

Already a client? Activate 3a Easy.


Choose a strategy based on your objectives.


Let our solution look after your 3a pillar.


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General questions

What are the requirements to be eligible to open a 3a Easy account?

To qualify, you must be resident in Switzerland, have a declared AVS/AHV income and be subject to tax in Switzerland. You can start this process at the age of 18 and continue it until you retire, up to a maximum of five years after reaching normal retirement age, but no earlier than five years before reaching AVS retirement age.

How can I fund my 3a Easy account?

You can make a transfer from another bank using the PDF form, or from one Swissquote account to another.

We can also help you repatriate your 3rd pillar. To do this:

  1. Open a Swissquote account
  2. Activate 3a Easy
  3. Complete and sign the transfer form that will be provided to you
  4. Return this form to the institution with which you hold your 3rd pillar plan.
What fees are there for 3a Easy?

The 3a Easy Saving Strategy is net of fees.

For investment strategies, flat fees of 0.60% apply.

Can I open several 3a Easy accounts?

Yes, you can open several accounts.

How much can I pay into my 3a pillar each year?

In 2023 and 2024, the maximum amount employees can pay into their 3a pillar is CHF 7’056 per calendar year. For the self-employed, the ceiling is 20% of net income, with a maximum of CHF 35’280 per year.

Is my 3a capital subject to tax?

No. Your 3a capital is exempt from wealth tax, income tax and withholding tax. It is taxed at a reduced rate when it is paid out at retirement age.

How do I claim the tax deduction?

You will receive a tax certificate that you simply need to enclose with your withholding tax return. Your 3a is taxed at a reduced rate when it is paid out at retirement age.

How can I invest in several strategies?

If you open several 3a Easy accounts, you will have access to all the strategies at the same time.

How can I check the performance of my 3a Easy?

You can check the value of the portfolio and/or the performance of your strategy in the 3a Easy dashboard. Performance is expressed both in terms of absolute performance (the actual performance of your investments, in figures) and in terms of time-weighted rate of return (the historical performance of your portfolio, in percentage terms). Click on the indicator of your choice to reflect its performance on the chart. In addition, 3a Easy clients receive an annual performance report for each of their accounts, which can be downloaded from the Documents section of the 3a Easy dashboard.

Can I change strategy at any time?

Of course! You can always switch to other strategies to find the one that suits you best, depending on your profile or your objectives. Don't forget that you can always use the performance simulator to get a better idea of the potential results of each strategy for your capital.

What are the conditions for withdrawal?

Up to five years before or after reaching retirement age or under special conditions: purchase of property, self-employment, making up pension shortfalls, disability, leaving Switzerland, death.

Saving Strategy

What are the main advantages of the Saving strategy?
  • Attractive interest rate of 1.20%
  • Easy transfer of funds between 3a Easy strategies
  • Bankruptcy privilege of up to CHF 100’000
How much does the Saving Strategy cost?

The 3a Easy savings strategy is exempt from fees.

How are interest rates calculated for a given period?

The rate is fixed at 1.20%, based on the Saron 0.5%, and may fluctuate over time.

How much money do I need to start?

A minimum deposit of CHF 100 is required.

Can I transfer my savings to another 3a Easy strategy?

Yes, at any time and with no withdrawal limits or conditions.

Can I simply open a 3a Easy account to save without investing?

Absolutely! Simply choose our Saving Strategy and fund your account with a minimum of CHF 100 to start earning interest.

How many saving accounts can I have?

There is no limit on saving accounts.

Investment strategies

What costs are associated with the investment strategies?

The investment strategies are subject to a flat-rate commission fee of 0.60%.

How long does it take for a new investment strategy or a change of strategy to take effect?

A strategy is active and a change takes effect as soon as it is selected and until you decide to stop it via the Setup option.

How long does it take for the money deposited to be invested in the selected strategy?

The funds will be invested no later than the business day following the deposit. Please note that funds will only be invested if the minimum initial deposit and/or reinvestment amount is reached (CHF 100 for the initial deposit, CHF 100 for reinvestments).

How often are investment strategies allocated and repositioned?
  • As soon as the minimum deposit is made (CHF 100 for the initial deposit, CHF 100 for reinvestments): no later than the next business day.
  • In the event of a change in investment strategy: no later than two business days after the change.
What types of products does the 3a Easy solution work with?

It works with UBS Vitainvest funds. We will then hold equities, fixed-income securities, property and, of course, cash! Pursue your retirement saving goals while supporting return-oriented investment.

How much money do I need to start?

A minimum of CHF 100. However, maintaining your 3a Easy account is essential to building a solid portfolio and you can easily do this by setting up a recurring transfer of a minimum of CHF 100. Whenever your 3a Easy account holds this amount or more, the funds will automatically be invested in line with your strategy.

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