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Robo-Advisor’s key features

Customised investment strategy

Choose your investment universe and set up a tailor-made strategy. You can select any asset classes (equities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and include or exclude any securities.

You can also over- or underweight certain sectors or regions, helping you align your investments with your vision of the markets and hedge against currency risk. Change your reference currency, reallocation frequency or risk level at any time.



Past performance is not a guide to current or future performance but it can give a general indication as to the portfolio’s risk level and likely profitability.

The backtesting function simulates how your portfolio would have performed over previous years using real market data. You can adjust your strategy according to the results of the backtest before finalising your choices.



The Robo-Advisor regularly buys and sells new assets to keep your portfolio aligned with your strategy (risk, allocation, etc.).

Four types of reallocation are available:

The CVaR (Conditional Value at Risk) measurement is used to check your portfolio’s risk level on a weekly basis, so your assets can be reallocated if necessary.

Your assets are automatically reallocated every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on how your strategy is set up.

Reallocate your assets at any time by changing your Robo-Advisor strategy.

Excess cash
If you invest new funds or there is a sharp drop in market risk, the algorithm will invest any excess cash to ensure that the majority of your portfolio is invested. It will, of course, always observe your maximum risk limit.





You will find the following information in your account at all times:

  • A chart showing the performance of your portfolio (absolute return and TWR)

  • Your current portfolio and details of your investments and their performance

  • Your allocation in each asset class

  • Your general settings (risk level, chosen universe, etc.)


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