Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are traded on a stock exchange. ETFs contain multiple securities and aim to reproduce the performance of a specific stock market index, e.g. the Swiss Market Index. They are traded just like an ordinary stock.




Your own basket of securities

Added variety

Already 1 or 2 ETFs help diversifying your portfolio

Money savers

ETFs have lower expense ratios than other mutual funds

Easy flow

ETFs are equipped with high liquidity and can be traded throughout the day

The Swissquote edge

 Benefit from competitive pricing: Trade starting from CHF 5.-.

 A clear advantage: Trade with the Number 1 bank for
Swiss ETFs.

 The most exhaustive offer: Choose from more than 9’000 ETFs and ETNs offered by renowned investment banks and financial institutions.


ETF Leaders

ETFs have been around since 1993 and are a fast-growing financial market segment. Choose from over 9’000 ETFs with full access to a market normally reserved to professionals. 

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Low to high risk strategies


Passive investing

You invest in one or several stock indices ETFs to follow the trend of the market. It provides you the flexibility to get into and out of a position at any time of the day (Indexing).


Active investing

You build advanced portfolio management strategies by investing in sectors, inverse or leveraged ETFs to take bullish or bearish positions on specific industries or markets (beat the market).

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