Investing in a fund means investing in a multitude of assets together with other investors. Investment funds are a great option for traders who seek a long-term passive capital growth. 




You invest – your money does the rest

Selected securities at a low price

With a low minimum investment, you invest in a pool of securities handpicked by professionals

No investment expertise required

Funds are managed by professionals with deep expertise and experience

Risk diversification

Diversify risk among a broad range of asset classes and across different sectors

The Swissquote edge

 Trade like a professional: Our exhaustive offer includes more than 20’000 Funds from more than 200 renowned investment banks & financial institutions.

 Professional portfolio management

 Advanced trading platform & analysis tools: Try our Fund finder with MorningstarTM ratings and historical performances.

 Benefit from competitive pricing: Trade starting from
CHF 9.- flat.


Major Investment fund issuers

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Swissquote Quant Funds

Swissquote Quant Funds are long-only equity funds that invest in companies from broad equity indices. Up until now we have launched segments in the Swiss and Euro-zone markets. The two reference indices are respectively the SPI and the DJ Euro Stoxx. The objective of our funds is to outperform the benchmark with a controlled market risk computed through the Value-at-Risk (VaR), and achieve sustained growth over the medium to long term. 

Swissquote Quant European Equities A CHF

Swissquote Quant European Equities A EUR

Swissquote Quant Swiss Equities (CHF) A

Dynamic management approach

The dynamic management approach is based on algorithms developed by Swissquote Bank and involves the use of a quantitative model to select stocks with solid upside potential while controlling the overall level of risk in the portfolio, as measured by the Value-at-Risk. Same technology and quantitative algorithms used on our Robo-Advisor.

Low to high risk strategies



Try to generate performance returns with your selected funds by taking a long-term investment horizon and focusing mainly on economic fundamentals. (Buy-and-Hold)


Active and passive

Mix market-timing and buy-and-hold strategies to rebalance your fund portfolio based on performance & market evolutions. (Performance-Weighting)



Try to buy low & sell high by using fundamental & performance indicators to select the best mutual funds at a certain time. (Market-Timing)

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