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Attractive packages for orders
> 10’000 CHF or equivalent

Reduce your trading fees & increase your performance

Control your costs with the «Flat Fee Trades» offer

Choose the number of trades you want to execute over one year and automatically benefit from our special conditions for active traders.

Number of transactions

12 months validity

20 Trades

CHF 39/Trade

50 Trades

CHF 35/Trade

100 Trades

CHF 29/Trade

200 Trades

CHF 25/Trade

500 Trades

CHF 19/Trade

Available markets & flat adjustment

Any transaction on these markets will be deducted from the number of «Flat Fee Trades» in your account. For some of these markets a fixed adjustment will be made.*

*See Terms & General Information.

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Terms & General Information

General information

• The Flat Fee Trades are valid only for transactions in securities capable of being traded electronically on the Swissquote Bank interface. Funds and Cryptocurrencies are excluded and the markets included in the World Markets service are not regarded as being capable of being traded electronically.

• The allocation or exercise of share options is invoiced at the normal rate of commission when buying or selling the underlying asset (not applicable to Flat Fee Trades). All other external costs (e.g. transfer/settlement costs) are invoiced and listed separately.

• Flat Fee Trades may be acquired only by clients who are not managed by an independent wealth manager. The prices shown are in CHF.

• Your account will be credited with the Flat Fee Trades within a few minutes after your order. At the same time your account will be debited with the equivalent amount of the Flat Fee Trades.

• Once you have bought Flat Fee Trades, any transaction in a given security (including reduced-price transactions following another promotional offer) must be deducted from the number of remaining Flat Fee Trades.

• If an order is executed (partial execution) more than once over on the same day, only one trade is deducted from the number of Flat Fee Trades. If an order is executed more than once over different days, one trade per day in question is deducted from the number of remaining Flat Fee Trades.

• A fixed adjustment may be made if appropriate (see table above).

• A charge of 0.85 is added to each transaction in the corresponding currency to cover the cost of making information available in real time on the interface.

• Swiss or foreign taxes or duties (e.g. VAT, Swiss or foreign stamp duty) or third-party charges (e.g. broker's fees) shall be added to the price of the trade.

• Swiss DOTS, Cryptocurrencies and Funds are excluded.

• Securities that cannot be traded electronically are subject to special fees, as are off-exchange transactions.

• The amount corresponding to the price of the Flat Fee Trades must be present in the client's account. The client accepts that Swissquote Bank Ltd. will debit his/her account by the sum corresponding to the selected Flat Fee Trades.

• The amount will be automatically debited in CHF.
The Flat Fee Trades purchased will not be redeemed, exchanged or converted into cash.

• Unused trades, irrespective of the Flat Fee Trades selected, lose all their value on maturity.

• All fees, commissions and other charges may be changed at any time. Please consult this page before each transaction or service request.