More than a debit card

    Get the key to seamless payments with the new Swissquote debit cards,
    coming with a complete daily banking package and backed by the Swiss savoir-faire.

    Multicurrency account

    13 currencies under one IBAN with competitive exchange fees and no transaction fees


    Bring your crypto out of the blockchain to fund your daily life: we convert it so you can use it for payments, anytime

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    Painless payments

    Mobile payments, digital wallets, plus eBill and TWINT: manage your finances, from your favourite device

    One card,
    multiple benefits.
    Choose yours.

    Bright card


    Swissquote Debit Mastercard®

    Light Debit card


    Swissquote Virtual Debit Mastercard®



    Bright, our most complete banking package, with a physical & digital debit card plus exclusive perks

    Light, our fully digital banking package with a virtual-only debit card


    CHF 6.90

    Free for the first 6 months*



    13 currencies free from transaction fees**
    Use your crypto for payments
    Cashback in Trading Credit
    With regular card payments0.5%0.25%
    With crypto-payments1%0.5%
    Daily banking package
    Free domestic payments
    Free SEPA payments-
    Free ATM withdrawals in Switzerland-
    Digital-Wallet friendly
    Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay

    *Please bear in mind that your account will automatically be debited with the Bright Package subscription fee from the 7th month on. However, you can cancel your package anytime. 
    **The 13 currencies are: CHF - USD - EUR - GBP - JPY - AUD - CAD - SEK - HKD - NOK - DKK - AED - SGD

    Your wallet-Anywhere-anytime

    Your wallet.
    Anywhere, anytime.


    Mobile payments. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. eBill. TWINT. You name it. Your Swissquote Mastercard® is compatible with your favourite payment methods, so you can pay securely and physical-wallet-free no matter where or when.


    The Swissquote Mastercard® is the hot pick for crypto-hungry investors that want to make use of their assets while remaining invested. Through crypto-payments, we convert your crypto to your preferred currency and sell only the necessary tokens to cover your purchases.



    The more you use it, the more you get rewarded

    Cut back on trading fees every time you pay with your Swissquote Mastercard®. Your will earn a percentage of the amount paid in Trading Credit, which will automatically be used to cover the fees generated from your trades.

    Affordable pricing, priceless benefits

    Our debit cards come with two types of banking packages to fit all budgets, a sway of free perks and fully transparent pricing.
    Try our most complete banking package for free during 6 months, or choose its cost-free alternative!

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    The step by step to seamless payments

    1. Download the Swissquote app and benefit from a simplified account opening process. Alternatively, you can also open your account on desktop.

    2. Order your debit card from the "Card" tab on the mobile app or via eBanking on desktop

    3. Make your first deposit and unfold a new way of paying

    Open your account

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    Already client? Get your debit card.


    Which currencies are free of transaction fees?

    13 of the main ones: CHF - USD - EUR - GBP - JPY - AUD - CAD - SEK - HKD - NOK - DKK - AED - SGD

    How can I activate crypto-payments for my debit card?

    Simply choose crypto as your debit card’s payment method in the Swissquote app. When paying with your card, we will sell only the necessary tokens to cover the payment amount. 

    What cryptos are available for crypto-payments?

    Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. But keep your eyes peeled: This list will expand in the future!

    How does the Trading Credit cashback program work?

    The Trading Credit you receive every time you pay with your card is automatically redeemed with every trade, so you cut back on trading fees. You can also check the remaining credit anytime.

    Trading Credit can only be used to cover fees for orders placed online. Orders by phone and transactions on the crypto market are excluded.

    When and how will I receive my debit card?

    The physical Swissquote Debit Mastercard® will be sent to you via Post letter A, with the PIN number sent separately. This usually takes from 3-4 days. The Swissquote Virtual Debit Mastercard® is active immediately after ordering it. 

    What is the main difference between the Swissquote Debit Mastercard® and the Swissquote Virtual Debit Mastercard®?

    Our Swissquote Debit Mastercard® comes both physical and digital, with a more advantageous daily banking package and cashback program. You can pay online and in-store with your card or use it via your favourite devices through your preferred digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay), as well as mobile payment, TWINT and eBill. 

    On the other hand, the Swissquote Virtual Debit Mastercard® comes as a virtual-only modality. Its daily banking package and cashback program are more limited as opposed to its physical counterpart. Furthermore, you can only pay with your mobile device through your preferred digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay), mobile payment, TWINT or eBill. 

    Customers living in the following countries Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, UK, Cyprus, Spain can benefit from the physical debit card (Bright package).

    Customers living in all other countries will only be able to use the virtual debit card (Light package)

    What is the main difference between Bright and Light?

    Bright is the complete banking package that comes with the physical and digital Swissquote Mastercard®, including exclusive perks such as an advantageous cashback program, free SEPA payments in EUR and 5 free ATM withdrawals per month in CHF.

    Light is the banking package attached to the Swissquote Virtual Debit Mastercard®, which includes basic daily banking services and a virtual-only debit card. 

    What should I do if I lose my debit card or it gets stolen?

    Firstly, make sure to lock it immediately through your Swissquote app, as well as request a replacement. If you can't access the mobile app, you can also lock your card from here. Otherwise, contact our Customer Care Center on +41 44 825 88 84 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

    I already use some of Swissquote’s services (Forex & CFDs Account, Robo-Advisory…). Do I still need to open a Global Swissquote Account to request a debit card?

    Yes, but in that case the process is even more simplified with our Smart Sign-up (via eBanking): you’ll be able to open a Global Swissquote account quickly and easily, and request your debit card from the Swissquote app.

    For more information, see: Debit Card Terms & Conditions

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